From the Introduction

When I was in college, two friends and I formed a dream group that met weekly for a couple of years. We were young and knew nothing about how to work with dreams. Our ignorance was balanced by youthful enthusiasm and a deep-seated faith that our dreams meant something. We believed that if we unraveled the perplexing images of the dream world, we would find guidance for our lives.

Since those long-ago days, my devotion to dreams has remained steady. On most mornings I sit in an overstuffed chair in the morning light, a cup of tea by my side, a cat and a journal balanced on my lap. I record my dreams and my associations to the images, actions, and feelings of those dreams. With patient attention, my dreams begin to reveal their meaning.

Having followed my own dreams as well as those of my psychotherapy clients, I have a deep belief in the power of our dreams. Our dreams offer us reflections on the small day-to-day happenings of life, revealing imbalances or shortcomings in our conscious attitude. They also present powerful, transforming images that catapult us into new phases of life.

Most importantly, dreams release us from the predictable and often limiting perspectives of our waking selves. I consider it a great gift that amidst the challenges of life, we receive guidance and support from a different part of the psyche. Our dreams are not always easy. They can be challenging and downright terrifying. However, even the frightening ones bring our attention to issues we need to address. An alternative perspective and source of wisdom offers companionship and solace throughout all the stages of our life journey.


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