Kathryn RidallPsychotherapist, Poet, Teacher

Beware. Sparks crackle my hair
and my fingertips smoke. I break, breathe
and burn. I learn my name.
Rebecca Foust
from “Awake”

I believe that life reaches toward wholeness—at every step on our journey, new interests and creative urges emerge with compelling force. At each stage, we also encounter challenges and losses that push us to grow. If we listen deeply, we can receive inner guidance about our unfolding—both what wants to emerge creatively and how to thread through the difficulties.

My work as psychotherapist and writing teacher grows from my commitment to the unique evolution of each individual. I am interested in the creativity and themes that inform our lives. As a poet, I deepen the meaning of my own life, word by word, poem by poem.

“Awake” by Rebecca Foust first appeared in The South Carolina Review.